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Optimal Velocity was founded to solve business challenges by combining optimization and predictive modeling. Our software uses advanced data science to make more profitable business decisions.

Some of the business challenges we help our clients solve include:

  • Forecasting demand
  • Setting inventory levels
  • Workforce planning and scheduling
  • Determining the location, number and size of factories or distribution centers
  • Selecting suppliers
  • Positioning inventory at warehouses
  • Assigning customers to distribution centers
  • Project scheduling
  • R&D project portfolio selection

Our predictive and optimization modeling software evaluate thousands of inputs and trillions of potential outcomes, to identify the absolute best answer to complex problems.

Our founders hold doctorate degrees and have over 40 years of experience in the research and practical application of optimization modeling, programming, process improvement, and statistical analysis. In fact, our inventory optimization model was developed from a doctoral research project. This solution optimizes finished goods inventory levels to maximize profit. Our research found that we are able to achieve a 4 to 15% increase in profit over the traditional inventory management systems. This defines our simple business goal, to help businesses maximize their profits through optimization.

Mitch Millstein, Ph.D.
  • Recognized Expert – Supply Chain Management and Lean Process Improvement
  • Entrepreneur; founder of three companies: Supply Velocity, Andrea’s Fine Foods, Optimal Velocity
  • Ph.D. in Logistics & Supply Chain Management – University of Missouri STL
  • Research focus: Inventory optimization, Supply chain performance measures, Cellular manufacturing
  • MBA – Washington University, B.S. Engineering – Rutgers University
Mitch Millstein, Ph.D.
Liu Yang, Ph.D.
  • Dedicated to improving company’s profitability through optimization, statistical analysis and math modeling
  • 15+ years of experience in marketing, market intelligence, and business planning & operations
  • Worked as Senior Business Planning Manager and Market Intelligence Lead in Microsoft GCR; Research & Consulting Director in IDC Asia/Pacific; Marketing Manager in Hewlett-Packard China
  • Ph.D. in Logistics & Supply Chain Management – University of Missouri STL
  • MBA – Durham University Business School, UK; Bachelor of Computer Science & Applications – Xi’an Jiaotong University, China
  • Member of INFORMS and CSCMP
Liu Yang, Ph.D.
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