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The goal of our business solutions is simple: Maximize customer service and profit.

This results from having an inventory system that allows you to immediately fulfill customer demand for finished goods inventory, while controlling inventory at budgeted levels. Our products and process provides the most accurate forecast and optimal safety stock levels to support sales and control costs.

Our products are designed to work together to give you maximum results, but will also work independently to provide the exact customization you need in your work environment. By using both Demand Forecaster™ and Inventory Optimizer™ together, you will benefit from a streamlined process that truly maximizes profit. Our solutions work with your unique process and ERP system to solve your inventory challenges and give you the best results.

Demand Forecaster

Demand Forecaster™ will deliver a demand prediction for up to 12 months, by month or week, for each item you sell.

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Inventory Optimizer

Inventory Optimizer™ provides the safety stock (or minimum inventory level) and fill rate for every item in your inventory.

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Our Four Step Process


Step 1
Historical sales and demand data is uploaded into Demand Forecaster™ which uses multiple exponential smoothing models to select the most accurate model for each inventory item. It then generates the most accurate forecast for by item. These models are designed for different demand patterns, whether they are seasonal, intermittent, trending, or relatively stable.
Step 2
Clients review the forecast and make adjustments based on new customers, product line changes or promotions. This requires minimual time as Demand Forecaster™ will provide the most accurate forecast for “business-as-usual” inventory items. This is then uploaded into your system for purchasing or production to execute the plan and meet forecasted demand.
Step 3
The forecast is then uploaded into Inventory Optimizer™. The optimization model allocates your inventory budget across all items, setting safety stock levels to maximize fulfilled demand, profit and return on the inventory investment. Once the safety stock levels are reviewed and inventory levels are set, they are uploaded into your ERP system.
Step 4
This process repeats monthly to ensure that inventory is kept at optimal levels as demand is constantly changing. Adjustments can be made during the review process, if needed, to support new products, promotions or new customers.
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